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Personal income tax, consumption taxes and contributions to social insurance plans are all part of that group.

We provide procurement technical assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products and/or services to the appropriate local, state or federal government agency.

PTAC has worked with US Foam and Etch for several years now and has recently assisted with facilitating introductions to other GSA providers that could benefit from their services.

The British Consolidated Fund was so named as it consolidated together a number of existing accounts, detailed below, and facilitated proper parliamentary oversight of the spending of the executive; it was defined as "one fund into which shall flow every stream of public revenue and from which shall come the supply of every service".

The Treasury established this account, formerly known as The Account of Her Majesty's Exchequer, at the Bank of England where it remains to this day, and the legal term "Consolidated Fund" refers to the amount of credit held in this particular account.

These funds were established in relation to specific Government borrowing authorised by Parliament, which had a defined type of revenue appropriated to put towards the interest and repayment.

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