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Many eagerly plunge into new fashions, avant garde experiences, 'hip' trends--some even setting the trends.More in touch with the reality of their senses than their INFP counterparts, ISFPs live in the here and now.Their impulses yearn to be free, and are often loosed when others least expect it.

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A little over a year ago, Greg Louganis watched as the audience at San Francisco's Castro Theatre booed Larry King.

Louganis was 54 years old – an age that seemed an impossibility when he first tested positive for HIV in 1988 – attending a screening of the documentary about his extraordinary life, In 1993, losing weight and five years removed from an HIV diagnosis, he was so certain he'd die that he decided to throw himself a final birthday party, for the purpose of saying goodbye to his friends and family.

The wedding rehearsal took place in Louganis's Malibu home, where he's lived for 28 years.

The wedding ceremony at Geoffrey's was attended by 160 close friends and family, including Barbara Eden, French Stewart, Bruce Vilanch, diving coaches, and "people we love and admire and have history with." contestant Dominic Scott Kay provided entertainment.

"It's reflective of how much education needed to be done," he says.

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