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Something about Guatemala called to me, and when I finally made my way there, my expectations were as high as Antigua’s altitude. I don’t believe in suspense — who needs the anxiety? I first bought a guidebook for this country over six years ago, when I was still studying in Brooklyn, though it took me up until this trip to finally make my way to its borders.

While the relative calm of a laid-back cocktail bar might appeal, the best approach is to head towards the sound of a pounding salsa beat and shuffling couple feet, according to James Flood, a 30-year-old British who has had numerous romantic (or so he claims) dalliances with local Latinas in his travels in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba and Colombia.

Salsa Dance “Get a couple of basic salsa lessons – seriously,” he advised.

Yet I have to admit that I’ve never felt quite so neutral about a country before. When Luke told me he was a part investor in a hobbit hole, I was 0% surprised, because that is just the way that Luke rolls.

At one point, I texted my friend Kristin, the only other person I know who has publicly admitted to being underwhelmed by Guatemala, with a simple question. What I surprised by, as a non-Lord of the Rings fan, was how much I enjoyed this little slice of whimsy heaven.

Initially, the researchers infected female Guatemalan commercial sex workers with gonorrhoea or syphilis, and then allowed them to have unprotected sex with soldiers or prison inmates.

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