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Consequently, we need to know what the cultural maps are and where they’re leading our kids.

It’s especially powerful in the lives of kids since they are at a very vulnerable and formative stage of life developmentally.

As a map, it tells us what to believe and how to live.


So, back to Bill Nye and his latest venture that’s been getting so much press over the last few days. And, I want to push you to view the performance and the beliefs at its’ core through the framework of a biblical sexual ethic. The Scriptures must shape our view and practice of God’s good and glorious gift of sexuality.

As a mirror, culture helps us see who we are, the choices we’ve made, and the course we are on. Ironically, on the same day that our CPYU family gathered for our annual Celebration Banquet of our mission and ministry to know ulture (April 21), Bill Nye was making culture and mapping life through the debut of his new Netflix series, While the show’s moniker is telling in and of itself, a peek into Nye’s beliefs and the show’s mapping message can be found in Episode #9, titled “The Sexual Spectrum.” During the show, Nye introduces a performance by Rachel Bloom as a “cool little segment” that’s “very special.” Bloom’s performance of the song “My Sex Junk” clearly maps and mirrors emerging societal attitudes on gender, promoting the idea of behavioral relativism, personal choice, a sexual/gender spectrum, and fluidity. I want to encourage you to quietly ponder and digest how her performance serves as a map and a mirror.

One day, Keck announced that he was moving to Seattle to help start an alternative weekly newspaper titled The Stranger. But if you read the column, there is a moralizing sort of core to it – a moral sensibility. S.: I used to go to my mom, but sadly she is deceased. It’s these self-appointed, bat-shit, thought police, psychopaths who would rather go after someone who is actually going to listen to them and pay attention to them. Why with so much agitos and activism around the trans issue right now, there is this ...going after Germaine Greer?!

Savage made an offhand comment advising Keck to include an advice column. Savage typed up a sample, and, to his delight, Keck offered him the job. Of course it’s an affirmation of the column and the podcast, that people who are familiar with them, and then who I get to know personally, feel like I am a safe, and perhaps wise, person to confide in or ask for input. If you put all of the columns in a pot and boiled them down, you would come out with: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” With the understanding that people are doing unto each other in my listening universe possibly, something very different, than in the Sunday school universe. I don’t think that because someone will let you use them, that it’s OK to use them. You don’t get to be the rocks that they throw themselves against and escape without being compromised or damaged yourself. I often go to my siblings and some really good friends that I can confide in and say anything to. Bill O’Reilly is not going to give you the time of day. Not every word that I’ve written about transgendered people’s issues has been perfect, but we all know a lot more now than we did 25 years ago when I started writing the column. Let’s go throw glitter at Germaine Greer (Greer was glitter bombed by a group of protesters in 2012 for her 2009 comments about trans women) and the people at Fox News can leave the building unmolested every day.

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