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"It kind of objectifies people with disabilities," added Silver.

"It makes them look like immovable objects.” The original wheelchair sign, called the International Symbol of Access, was introduced in 1968, and has become the universally-recognized sign for accessibility.

For passengers with special needs who have problems using regular transit, the Handy DART service provides door-to-door travel.

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Otherwise, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.

Only use the SPARC permit when the permit holder is in the vehicle, and keep the permit up-to-date.

Keep reading for more details about the disability placards and license plates available in Washington.

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) issues the following placards and license plates for handicapped parking: : If you order a license plate or parking tab, you can also get 1 placard.

Many Vancouver hotels are equipped to meet the needs of special needs travellers.

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