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She said the two talked regularly, and the man sometimes sent her money.

Then, earlier this month, the man requested that she transfer him money while he was "in Peru for business ...

to assist him in paying employees and then to help him pay for himself to get home," according to the report.

The woman told police she took out cash advances on a credit card, then used a wire service to transfer money.

Used a questionnaire and an IBM 1401 to match students. "By the fall of sixty-five, six months after the launch, some ninety thousand Operation Match questionnaires had been received, amounting to $270,000 in gross profits, about $1.8 million in today's dollars."Eros (Contact Inc.) launches. "Everybody was letting it all hang out in other ways," said Raymond Shapiro, a business manager for the New York Review of Books, "so suddenly it was okay to display oneself in print.

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