Iphone photostream not updating on pc

by  |  06-Apr-2017 00:57

* Run the icloud program, click on Photo Steam Options and point it to the new folders you have created.

One word that Apple can't use when describing the horrific experiences with the new Photos app in i OS 8.

Apple released Photos for Mac as a replacement for i Photo earlier this year.

iphone photostream not updating on pc-71

UPDATE 12/28/2013 – Note: before resetting i Cloud, sign out and sign back in.

This is a quick fix for Photos not downloading to a computer with the i Cloud app.

I put some photos in the Upload folder and it works fine.

But today I have trouble uploading photos from my PC to i Cloud Photo Stream. * Uninstall and reinstall i Cloud Control Panel on PC.

After using the new app for several months without issue, I recently ran into a problem that prevented my i Phone photos from showing up on my Mac.

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