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The Avebury monument is a part of a larger prehistoric landscape containing several older monuments nearby, including West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill.

By the Iron Age, the site had been effectively abandoned, with some evidence of human activity on the site during the Roman occupation.

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My descriptions do not include manufacture flaw, blemish or defects unless they take from the value or beauty of the item.

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From this point outside the town boundary, the post road to Edinburgh, maintained each spring by ploughing, rolling and harrowing, cuts through the fields of Abbey Farm to Dirleton.

Many of the family names associated with North Berwick in the seventeenth century continued to dominate the Town Council in the eighteenth century including the Home, Lauder, Dalrymple and Nisbet families.

While Appert’s invention marked progress, it did not help home canners—the process was extremely expensive and difficult.

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