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The Jews are calling 2017 year 5777 but I don't know why. Supposedly that is how many years since Adam got booted from the Go E - at least that is the Jews' best calculation from when they started keeping a calendar (I am not sure when that was.To the OP, I think you mean 5800-6000 years since ~ 6000-7000 is the Millenium.

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Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, 2013), 440; John E. Gardner, Second Witness: Analytical and Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, 6 vols.

Clark, “Archaeology, Relics, and Book of Mormon Belief,” Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 14, no. Clark, “Archaeological Trends and Book of Mormon Origins,” in The Worlds of Joseph Smith: A Bicentennial Conference at the Library of Congress, ed. (Salt Lake City, UT: Greg Kofford Books, 2007), 2–364, 5, 6–177; Mark Alan Wright, “Nephite Daykeepers: Ritual Specialists in Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon,” in Ancient Temple Worship: Proceedings of the Expound Symposium, , ed.

Palka said the Long Count “is calculated by multiplying a certain number by five different periods: baktun, or 400 years (360 days), katun, or 20 years, tun, or a year, uinal, or a month (20 days), and kin, or a day.” To reckon deep time, the Maya created the longest Mesoamerican calendar cycle by multiplying the basic unit of twenty to the fifth order, the exception being the multiplication of the 20-day count by 18 to form a cycle of 360 days, or one tun, which approximated the year.

The Maya even used the same word for both the 360-day period and the 365-day solar year, according to Michael D. After describing the “‘Vague Year or Ha’b of 365 days,” they discussed the Long Count system and noted, “in a switch sure to confuse modern readers, the tun was really called ha’b! In a footnote, Pharo mentioned of the “haab of 360 days,” and also explained, “Tun is the Yucatec word for haab, which is a Yucatec designation for a year of 365 days.” Today, it is a scholarly convention to use haab for the 365-day year and tun for the 360-day year (I assume to avoid confusion), but in pre-Columbian times, both terms were used for both the 365-day and 360-day periods—one (haab or h’ab) being the lowland Maya term, the other (tun) being the Yucatec term. Coe, The Maya, 8th edition (New York, NY: Thames and Hudson, 2011), 62–69, 231–235. Wren, “Arithmetic, Astronomy, and the Calendar,” in Lynn V. Pool (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2012), 788–789. Coe and Stephen Houston, The Maya, 9th edition (New York, NY: Thames and Hudson, 2015), 64, 67; also see p.

Knowledgeable observers report that dating has nearly disappeared from college campuses and among young adults generally.

Jeffrey r chadwick dating the birth

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