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With the release of his third solo album this past May, music sensation Jesse Mc Cartney is on his way to Pittsburgh this August and the MANIAC Girls were lucky enough to get him to talk shop.His new album may be entitled “Departure”, but for him, this is only his arrival. We know that you enjoy songwriting and that you’ve worked in collaboration with Ryan Tedder of One Republic.and soap opera actor Jesse Mc Cartney has put his house in the Hollywood Hills up for lease with an asking price of ,900 per month.

He has also joined several tours owing to his musical endeavors.

He was born on 9th of April, 1987 to mother Ginger Mc Cartney and father Scott Mc Cartney.

Property records also reveal that Mister Mc Cartney’s crib measures 1,600 square feet, a size we find perfectly appropriate for a semi-successful young man barely old enough to imbibe booze legally.

As do many houses that line the narrow, twisting and sometimes dangerous to drive streets in the Hollywood Hills, Mister Mc Cartney’s house sits right up on the road, a situation that we’re sure some of the children will find reprehensible and inexcusable while others with a penchant for living in the hills will understand is completely normal and nothing to sweat about.

” and “It’s Over.” With Jesse serving as co-writer of several of the songs on the album, listeners get a deeper look into the mind of a true artist. So we’re very excited about you coming to Pittsburgh. So there could be some more collaborations in the future. I need my fans to sort of ease into the situation and ease into where I am musically and mentally.

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