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Moon's rise to fame came in 2000 when she starred as the younger counterpart of Song Hye-kyo's character in the pan-asia hit drama Autumn in My Heart.She won the Best Young Actress award at the 2000 KBS Drama Awards for her role, together with her co-star Choi Woo-hyuk.

She's different, unique, and "weird" which is way better than being a plastic doll that you'll find in every other Korean girl.

Apparently Geun Bum was not being subtle about their affection, added to that all the gossip coming out of that set during the filming, it sealed the deal for me.

Yes, I saw everyone pinging me and commenting to tell me about it. Why I am not spazzing uncontrollably making inhuman squeeing noises of glee is for one reason only – I got wind of this last week after the wrapping of but didn’t post since it wasn’t openly known yet.

Then I heard that Moon Geun Young went to Europe with some friends, and Bummie dropped off the radar, and then I REALLY KNEW.

Following her early success, she returned to the screen in 2001 as the young Empress Myeongseong (Lee Mi-yeon played the adult version) in the historical drama Empress Myeongseong.

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