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The taping around her ears is also gaining attention. Both groups worked hard in the same company for the same dream.

To the post, some netizens once again commented on Park Bom's "changing" looks and expressed concerns for her so-called "melting face." Others debated whether she has gone through more cosmetic surgery or not, while some questioned the identity of the man with her, asking, ... I'm totally unaware of stickers/tape doing anything to help with circulation but Park Bom is so far into her own little world, just roll with it x D Whoever produces that tape must be making a lot of money though because that's one of the best product endorsements I've ever seen. Don't you know by know that YG and most of their groups have one of the biggest anti following?

Nothing stirs up the spectre of the “obsessed K-pop fan” like a “scandal.” As we know, K-pop fans are diverse, but the kind of recent “scandals” experienced by Park Bom (of 2NE1) and Sulli (of f(x)) shed some light on the role cultural context and media plays in global fans’ understanding of “scandal.” Unlike global fans, Korean K-pop fans experience K-pop within the context of Korean culture and their responses are captured by Korean media.

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He went out but then a pair of strong arms gripped him from behind. don't leave me", Kyuhyun whispered in Yesung's ear. A school where all those who had died a heroic death were brought to train and fight to protect the world from unseen evils.

It seems ideal, ideal as it can get, until Mingyu discovers he can never see his friends or family again and has to leave them behind, but Mingyu can't let a certain someone go, and his name is Wonwoo.

In June 2014, major English-langauge K-pop media sites reported a “scandal” involving Park Bom.

Many based their coverage on Korean-language sources that characterized the resurfacing of a drug investigation of Park Bom four years ago as a “scandal.” Based on a report by Segye Ilbo, a Korean-language publication published in New York, allkpop reported: “However, it has been revealed that the prosecutors (back in 2010) decided to suspend her case, meaning they would neither investigate nor punish her for the crime. Media, K-pop Fans and Scandal: Park Bom and Sulli by Cee Fu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License.

Siwon's phone slipped through his fingers to the floor, just like their story which was now a history. The other around Yesung's chest, locked in Yesung's left upper arm.

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