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The informant lived under a railway bridge at the time of the incident in 2015.

The witness said he and many other children had no families and many of them were addicted to drugs.

On May 17, detectives obtained a warrant charging Carr with enticing a child for immoral purposes, a Class C felony.

He was taken into custody on May 19, and jail records show he has since been released on $10,000 bond.

But these boys are not just dancers, but often sexually abused, by their masters and sometimes by their friends, kept as little more than sex slaves Poverty: When he was a bacha bereesh, Shakur would not have earned anything from his evenings dancing - but would have been 'kept' by his master, who would provide food and clothing for the boy, or boys, in his ownership Desperation: Often these boys are from impoverished families, and are tempted away by promises of work and education - neither of which is likely to come to fruition.

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