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You can be “naked” in front of each other without having to undress.Fall in Love With this openness and vulnerability comes a deep and sincere connection. It can be scary to fall in love online and start a long distance relationship, but once you do start having these deeper feelings for each other, you’ll want to spend every moment, every day talking to this person.

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Vacation Mode One of the first things we learned is that our trips to see each other can often feel a lot like vacation.

It didn’t hurt that I live in Colorado Springs and she lives in San Diego, two great places to enjoy a getaway!

It's OK to let yourself feel the emotions of those moments; cry, punch a pillow, write it down, whatever you need to do.

But don't keep feelings in and don't feel like you need to keep those feelings from your SO, because they are the one person who completely understands what you're feeling.

You’ve met someone online, but they live a continent away.

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