Make dating smooth sailing

by  |  07-May-2017 04:54

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Our decisions and actions in life determine which direction our personal ship will sail-towards eternal life with our Father in Heaven or in some other direction.

Several years ago, one of my students gave me a wallet-size copy of a painting by Warner Sallman, titled "Christ Our Pilot." It is displayed on the wall of my office as a regular reminder that I am at the helm of my personal ship.

It all started with this: My statement was controversial because the USA is notoriously the last chaotic hold-out in an otherwise sensible world.

Well, let’s start by taking a look at the seemingly superior, prevailing format.

We vow to be completely spontaneous, gliding from one tropical experience to another. James island, lionfish lunch at dive beach bar Dingy's on Water Island, swimming to a sandbar off Watermelon Cay, paddle boarding to deserted beaches in Francis and Caneel bays on St.

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