Mandating gardisil

by  |  06-Jun-2016 20:10

As I stated in my op-ed piece on the Affordable Health Care Act, I am a libertarian.

One of my main concerns about the government controlling our health care is mandated vaccines.

The study, publicly available right here, has some language in it that we’re guessing Senator Steiner Hayward hopes is never attached to her, and you just need to see it to believe it, from the OHA’s report, Yes, they really did.

And, they fretted that lowering the age of medical consent to 11 (and to think we were shocked to learn it was 15! As difficult and nauseating as it is to read these words by the Oregon Health Authority, in a report that Senator Steiner Hayward commissioned no less (and no doubt she reviewed the report prior to publication), there are a few points worth making here: Here comes Pfizer…Soon after Senator Steiner Hayward’s Bill 722 was passed in 2013 mandating OHA to report on HPV, Pfizer — one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers — awarded $500,000 to Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW) to undertake a study with an interesting name: Dr.

“I don’t think that should be their concern.” Still, Gallant has nothing against the vaccine, saying her own research found it to be safe and beneficial, and her teenage daughters are getting vaccinated.

Like most parents, Gallant also doesn’t object to the school requirement for the other two vaccines recommended for adolescents: meningitis and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis. Still, in Rhode Island, as elsewhere, the number of teenagers who get the HPV vaccine lags far behind the other two vaccines recommended for that age group.

The fact that Perry has had to change his mind in order to appease a constituency that prefers superstition to science, and disease over health, tells you how powerful the extreme right-wing of the Republican party has become.

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