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January Mair publishes a series of newspaper articles openly critical of the Métis people.He was opposed to the expedient biculturalism of the settlement.

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February Louis Riel’s reply and defense of the Métis people is published in Le nouveau monde magazine of Montréal Tension rises between the Métis (now led by Riel) and the government. Boniface Cathedral – Riel declares that the surveys are a threat to the very existence of “Settlement’s land”.

October 11 One week later, Father Noël-Joseph Ritchot facilitates the formation of the “Comité national” in the St. John Bruce is the President with Riel as secretary.

In 1865, hoping to support his family in Red River, he became a law-office clerk in Montréal.

Lieutenant Governor William Mc Dougall is appointed.

In the Canadian west in 1885 the majority of the settlers regarded him as a villain; today he is seen there as the founder of those movements which have protested central Canadian political and economic power.

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