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by  |  28-Dec-2016 23:41

Before I jump back into the conversation about sexual ethics that has unfolded on the Web in recent days, inspired by Emily Witt's n 1 essay "What Do You Desire?" and featuring a fair number of my favorite writers, it's worth saying a few words about why I so value debate on this subject, and my reasons for running through some sex-life hypotheticals near the end of this article.

4 p.m.: Attempts to go the gym prove futile as hangover from last night manifests itself in every way.

Make plans for the night and convince another ex-banker to hit the bottle with me.

I wish I knew how to heal the heartache many people experience, but I don’t know how because I feel broken too.

What I can offer is real love and real friendship- something that the modern hookup culture doesn’t offer.

You would think by 24 I would know the fine line between sober and blackout, but I haven’t figured that out 1 p.m.: Wake up and remember nothing about the night.

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