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They add so much to the mood and otherworldly nature of the film. He’s not a bad person, but he is in charge of a criminal enterprise.

Instead of falling into the white hats versus the black hats, slinks all around the hats as if it is better than and of the black and white.

t seems like we may finally escape the teenaged haze we’ve been lost within. The city as a criminal kingpin, a prostitute, a wealthy family, a curious child, and all of the empty street in which creepy things may occur.

Last year’s Only Lovers Left Alive explored existential crisis by way of vampirism and was high on my best of the year list. I love the location and the title cards (a classic Western-style typeface). There is a romantic plot under the vampiric mood as the girl and Arash become close.

There is a general sense of darkness and foreboding, something all good vampire tales should have. The girl is played by Arash Marandi by way of James Dean. We see very little of it, but enough to make it feel like an old Western Town.

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