Nice guys freaks and creeps a dating memoir

by  |  25-Jul-2017 01:06

The author wrote about each encounter for no more then a page or two, mind you the book in total is 60 pages DOUBLE SPACED.

Enjoy :) Louis parks his car outside the underground warehouse, more than ready to receive his baby boy.

The chilly weather raises goosebumps on his skin as he slams the door to his Range Rover, taking one last look at the adult car seat that was set up in the back. It's chucked across the room, by Harry of course.

Inside the warehouse, Ken and his team were having a war with Harry, who refused to cooperate with anyone. Ken sighs, but it's not his place to punish Harry and get him on the right track of going into a head space. Harry's head snaps up, along with everyone else's in the room, when there is a sharp knock on the door.

Of course, Ken had gone through many processes with Louis, making sure he wasn't a cop or anything, since this was illegal in many ways, before giving him directions on how to locate the underground facility.

Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps is more than just a dating memoir.

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