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The first rule of hooking up in today’s sex culture is that there are no feelings allowed, sometimes not even kindness, according to author and sociology professor at Occidental College, Lisa Wade. She discussed how these students felt about hookups and casual sex.

On March 7 California Lutheran University hosted Wade’s lecture to discuss hookup culture on college campuses. “The most important thing that college students need to know that there is no condition in which it is OK for their peers to be unkind to them,” Wade said.

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First, some clarification about what I mean by each term.

" It really is about the differences between "Hook-Up Sex," "Marital Sex," and "Making Love." I've found that confusion about those differences play out in many of the conflicts people experience in their sexual-romantic relationships, no matter what their ages or kinds of relationships.

She promoted her new book, “American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus,” and told stories of students who were surrounded by today’s college hookup culture. During Wade’s lecture, she discussed the “rules” of hooking up in the college hookup scene.

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