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Cyber bullying can be a crime under either QLD or national law when it involves: It is a crime to use a phone or the internet in to threaten, harass or seriously offend somebody .

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[email protected]: 1st Floor 275 North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia Located on the first floor of the Chest Clinic Building (a part of the Royal Adelaide Hospital). This means that we are able to provide some preliminary results on the day of your visit to the clinic.

It is located on the south-eastern corner of the intersection of North terrace and Frome road. Medical consultation, laboratory tests and sexual health advice are all free of charge at Clinic 275. Many common conditions can be accurately diagnosed during your visit, which means that treatment can be commenced without delay.

You can report suspected corruption, misconduct or maladministration in public administration to the Office for Public Integrity.

There is no denying that the status quo of current healthcare practice is in the grip of disruption.

She was disappointed as there was no service or information given in person that could not have been conveyed through a phone call, which led her to publicly question the process.

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