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Each time, it felt like we were at the UN, and in one case we were!

The class engaged in plenty of experiential learning, too, visiting a Parmigiano Reggiano maker, a balsamic vinegar producer and a supermarket hell bent on preventing food waste via the Last Minute Market program. I won’t soon forget the care and theatrics that a Bologna waiter exhibited when tossing and serving a Tagliatelle Bolognese.

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For instance, you have to throw yourself into ballet 100 percent, and that was really good for me as a young girl.

But other than Teri Hatcher, I had only connected my fist with a girl’s face once in my entire life, so I had to do a lot of training for this film.” On taking on villainous roles: “Look, I’ve always been fascinated by abhorrent behavior.

I recently had the opportunity to help lead a Penn course on sustainability and the food-water-energy nexus, with an emphasis on food waste. Second, course instructor Steve Finn wanted to explore food waste through the lens of Italy’s passion for food, especially in the wake of EXPO Milano 2015. We held sessions with UN FAO staff in Rome, interfaced with professors and students at the University of Bologna (like the amazing Silvia Gaiani), and visited the Food Innovation Program in Reggio Emilia.

The bulk of the course consisted of a week-long trip to Italy. These exchanges were educational and enlightening, especially in promoting cross-cultural interaction.

Yet, Italy’s food waste score ranks below that of the US and many other European countries in a recent sustainability index. The coexistence of Italian food waste and food infatuation illustrates the global spread of negative culinary trends. There’s little appetite for leftovers or doggy bags.

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