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Increasingly this group of conditions is being called disorders of sex development (DSDs). Note: In many kids the cause of intersex may remain undetermined, even with modern diagnostic techniques. The person has the chromosomes of a woman, the ovaries of a woman, but external (outside) genitals that appear male.

This usually is the result of a female fetus having been exposed to excess male hormones before birth.

"You let the buyer know ahead of time, they can go ahead and do it, but this is what you're getting." Award It would have been popular in the claim box—and still might be—because of her stellar breeding.

By leading sire Tapit, she is also a half sister to grade 1 winner .

Mandella said Award It has been tested chromosomally and is registered as a filly to race because of that.

California Horse Racing Board equine medical director Dr.

This condition is also called 46, XX with virilization. There are several possible causes: 46, XY Intersex.

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