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When i personal trainer dating brought my ex girlfriend, we.

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During the sessions as well as those other times we talk, about almost everything, not just gym stuff.

I definitely wasn’t expecting the super sweet, curly-haired girl I met to be all about the fitness world. But, luckily, our cabinets remain stocked with a good balance of protein bars, tofu, and Girl Scout Cookies. Her muscles are intimidating, but are also constant motivation Even my semi-homophobic grandmother fangirled over my girlfriend’s arms. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my body, and it intensified during the early stages of our relationship.

But dating her has definitely overhauled a lot of stereotypes. and pizza The first thing people ask me when they find out my girlfriend is a personal trainer is whether or not we have a super strict diet. I think it’s especially dangerous ground because we’re both girls, so thinking she’s beautiful and wanting to look like her are both constant rivals.

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You'll learn how to properly perform and cue foundational Suspension Training exercises as well as the benefits and target muscles of the exercises.

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