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by  |  12-Aug-2016 16:43

Aside appearing on the screens, he is often used as a resource person on radio talk shows that discuss issues on premarital and post marital counselling, parenting, sex and temperament therapy, career guidance, pregnancy , fertility, stress and anger management among other sensitive and sensational topics. Asked why he is all over in the media, churches, schools and road shows, he told The Mirror “my mission is to work through problems with a skilled and compassionate professionalism just to ensure that the younger generation grow into responsible adults.” “When this is achieved, there will be less stress, divorce, behavioural change and no one will make mockery of ‘born ones.” “The youth, especially, must practice abstinence and safe sex to stay focused on their career paths rather than going about enjoying sex and bearing children who will later become a burden on our already stressed society. In the setting of the home, men are naturally the heads.

I can guarantee that unless national security is at stake, it will be hard for any official to justify, in court, that they refused to provide public information or data because they are government employees.

Within the last couple of days alone Ghanaweb has posted many articles of interest to the public. s a list of the topics taken from Ghanaweb pages that may need citizens to get more information from officials, and yet there are no phone or email contacts [I have deleted political news]: Jan 12 ?

Accra’s cybercrime wave exposes government failure to create jobs and suggests many are yet to benefit from growth that for years made Ghana one of Africa’s most dynamic economies.

Youth unemployment has risen since 2014 due to slower growth caused by a fiscal crisis and lower global prices for Ghana’s gold, cocoa and oil analysts say.

As such those who over the years have become so arrogant and untouchables that they think they are doing one a favor when a citizen asks for information, their dawn of imperial reign is over! These government workers MUST know, in no uncertain terms, that they are working for the people of Ghana. If they do not perform the services well, it is a breach of contract so far as they are being paid!

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