Sex chat room i phone free - Problems updating itunes on pc

by  |  03-Aug-2016 17:47

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If you are having issues updating an app, we can offer you some tips.

However, if your problem continues, you will have to contact i Tunes Support, Apple Technical Support, or visit a local Apple Retail Store as they are best equipped to handle such issues.

Alternately, you can check your i Tunes purchase history to see if the account you are using was used to purchase an app.

To view your purchase history, open the i Tunes application on your computer, make sure you are signed in to your i Tunes account, and then from the top menu, select . To see all the ourchases on a certain date, click the small triangle to the left of the date.

Last night many reported problems such as being unable to open i Tunes altogether, losing their library, and crashes.

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