Pros cons dating married man

by  |  10-Aug-2016 15:54

In the first part of college my boyfriend was a married man. He gave me money all the time, but he was also controlling and jealous. In the last argument he hit me, and that’s when I ended the relationship. His family members who knew of the affair were disrespectful to me, and even insulted me in public.

I benefited a lot from my past relationship with a married man.

Very few men have been seen to leave their family for another woman and you certainly don’t consider your cards to reign supreme all the while, do you?

However, before spilling the beans of your relationship to your family, we advise you to read further.

Statistics have revealed a fact which might make you go all glum and sad, but needless to say, we still recommend you to face the reality before it gets too late.

WOMEN who have affairs with married men are often stigmatised — dubbed Jezebels of the lowest order.

But still many persist, insisting that it’s the perfect set-up for them.

Do not fall into this trap and remember that if he is cheating in first place then he is not somebody that deserves your trust.

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