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A registered Recipient tracked his Purolator package on Packagetrackr then felt that Purolator's delivery of this shipment (Purolator tracking number: #:************9513) to its destination was Excellent.The delivery status of this shipment was At Least One Day Early.Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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I haven't even addressed the branch worker's condescending tone when parroting this illogical policy.

is a Canadian courier that is 91% owned by Canada Post Corporation, 7% owned by Barry Lapointe Holdings Ltd. The company was originally organized as Trans Canada Couriers, Ltd.

In 1967, it was acquired by the US manufacturer of oil and air filters Purolator of Fayetteville, North Carolina the name was originally an abbreviated form of "pure oil later".

Purolator has partnered with UPS for deliveries outside of Canada.

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