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These things, officially and unofficially, are celebrated in our churches. unless you are one of the few people who don’t fit into that square peg, and then you just feel like you don’t really belong at church.

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" Scott said he has heard few theological objections to the site since it launched in 2005.

Ah yes, the classic, “Let me show you a verse” move. w=240" data-large-file=" Sometimes they make sense, others not so much, and a few make me laugh.

Note: Traditionalist Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodoxers (if any E.

O.s read our blog) may perhaps not find this particularly pertinent or interesting, as I expect my fellow traditionalist Protestants will, but are nevertheless certainly just as welcome to weigh in with their thoughts, if they do find it of interest. I stumbled on a couple discussions of a more narrowly defined version of the question I ask in my title for this post, here and here, that examine a specific case, involving a Reformed Baptist guy and a Pentecostal girl, who were dating, and wondering whether they should marry, so they asked conservative Southern Baptist Russell Moore for his thoughts.

By Kristin and Ted Kluck Forgive us for referencing an antiquated 1990s Paula Cole song in the title, because, let’s face it, Paula Cole was really never cool even when she was cool. Our female single friends say things like, “There are no single guys at church,” and even our single guy friends say things like, “there are no other single guys to hang out with.” They’re basically right.

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