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That’s part of the allure of Starz’s new, very-adult series “The Girlfriend Experience,” a dark show that digs deep into the world of paid escorts and the women who follow that path.

As viewers are pulled further into the complex system bit-by-bit, it’s a slow burn from which it’s hard to avert your eyes, even when not much is actually happening.

It’s an empowering and misogynistic message wrapped into one, as both sides are explore their respective rise and fall.

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Today's birthdays include the late jazz great "Dizzy" Gillespie, who was born in 1917; Del Vikings lead singer Norman Wright in 1937 (age 65); Manfred Mann, whose real name is Michael Leibowitz, in 1940 (age 62); guitarist Steve Cropper of Booker T and MG Danny Keough (born 1964) is a musician and actor and former husband of American singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley.

Keough married Presley, the daughter of the late "King of Rock 'n' Roll" Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla Presley at the Church of Scientology in West Hollywood on October 3, 1988.

Also Read: ' The Girlfriend Experience': You Won't Understand Riley Keough's Christine, and That's OK It’s an interesting dynamic between the two as Christine (escort name Chelsea) enters the world in which her friend has been living while Avery begins to slip.

While Christine slowly gives into the world she’s presented — allowing her “manager” Jacqueline (Alexandra Castillo) to put the down payment on a nicer condo, drinking more than she did at the outset — Avery loses her grip on the guys she’s been dating, and gets the cold shoulder from a manager focused on the pretty new thing.

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