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While Sailor Moon S began very similarly to the first two seasons, Sailor Moon S eventually took a darker, more emotional turn.One of the controversies surrounding Sailor Moon S is in the romantic-lesbian relationship of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, who are subtly depicted as romantic lovers, although this is never mentioned directly.

The Sharp X68000 is a computer released in Japan only by Sharp in 1987.

It used an operating system called "Human68k," which was similar to DOS, and can be played on modern computers using an emulator.

The Sailor Moon Dating Simulator game saga is focused on the interaction of players with different female characters of the Sailor Moon manga anime series.

On this occasion, the aim is to win over the love of Rei Hino, but if you have fallen in love with other characters, don't hesitate about searching for the rest of versions.

Look through the thigh high boots and Sailor Moon inspired dresses to find an outfit that will help Barbie showcase her love of the TV show.

Sailor moon dating game

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