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I'm a down to Earth, mellow guy, working hard to bulk up.

I used to be very skinny, and am glad to have made good gains, but still have a way to go. About Guys I Want To Meet: My ideal man is one who I can respect for his heart and mind, and admire for his body. Hoping to meet like-minded guys who do more than just hang in the bars ...

Box 12255, La Jolla, CA 92039 Free - Naturist Dating.

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Deluxe, modern facilities blend smoothly into the lush, green lawns that cover much of the grounds.

Nudity feels incredibly natural in this beautiful environment.

The resort offers a 7,500 clubhouse where they host dances, dinners and meetings. Resort Rules: The rules at De Anza Springs are based on common sense and courtesy.

Enjoy a meal at the Cactus Flower Cafe or enjoy beverages at The Oasis Lounge. Any overt sexual behavior, violence, either physical or verbal, questionable conduct with children, or any other behavior that could threaten, offend or embarrass others may result in your being asked to leave.

Or, if you want to read what Beach Wizards have to say about nude beaches and nudist resorts they have visited, go to the Nude Beach Forum. There are no facilities such as bathrooms, water or trash pickup.

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