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But when you and your guy aren’t hanging out, there’s not much going on.Listen, these guys are the masters of sending mixed signals. Because they like you, but there’s something that makes them not want to commit. Sure, it’s fun to watch it happen to Samantha or Carrie on TV, but when it’s happening to you, it’s a whole other story. Did I get rejected when I told him my feelings for him? Sure, he wanted a relationship, but he was too scared.

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I am just starting out in a relationship that has the potential for turning into something long term.

We were friends first; I tell him everything and he does the same with me.

Some of them are really great, and I'm having fun talking with them. So if you're nuts, I'll join you in the crazy house with the 15 cats I'm surely destined to have. Still, I personally recommend going on a few dates with this guy.

I made a date to meet one guy for coffee this week. I've never been in a relationship and while I would like to have one eventually, I'm more than a little intimidated by them as well. I think it will ease your transition back into the land of the single, simply by getting your ex out of the "last person I dated" slot.

It sounds as though the relationship you have with your friend has the potential to turn into something very special.

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