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by  |  15-Apr-2017 22:56

Ghana is known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’ and this vibrant land of year-round sunshine is one of the most friendly, exciting and welcoming destinations in Africa.

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Ghana is a warm, welcoming and laid-back destination for anyone wanting the ideal introduction to Africa.

If you want to enrich the life of local Ghanaian kids, gain amazing childcare experience, teach in a Ghanaian school, explore the wonders of Africa and make loads of new friends along the way this is the perfect volunteer programme for you!

And because prostitution is illegal, it’s a great opportunity for extortion – I suspect that there’s probably also a practice of following people from bars where prostitutes are common, then threatening to turn them into the police if extortion demands aren’t met.

Finally, because sex is a subject most of us don’t like to talk about with strangers, it tends to leave us flustered and unsettled when accusations are made, leaving us more vulnerable to making poor decisions, like paying an extortion fee.

I was thinking about this story because Global Voices ran a fantastic piece on a disturbing new phenomenon happening online in Ghana and Kenya – gay personal ads designed to recruit robbery and kidnapping victims.

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