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The three times divorced former manicurist who confesses to being in rehab twice over an eight-year period for cocaine addiction, wrote the intimate details of that seductive night in her best-selling 1994 book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted. But, as the book states the 'Tittie Fairy' didn't save their marriage, and two years later, in 1992, they divorced Once when Faye and Nicole were walking on the beach in Laguna just south of LA,, Nicole picked up a piece of driftwood and said, 'This is the size of Marcus Allen'.Resnick thought that's impossible but Nicole wasn't kidding Her first lover was her hairdresser, Marcello but he wimped out when O. learned about him sleeping with Nicole as did other lovers to follow until Nicole locked onto Marcus Allen, at the time, the football running back for the Los Angeles Raiders. had a volatile temper that always erupted into a beating of Nicole.

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Resnick is currently being played by actress Connie Britton on the FX miniseries about the O. She admitted to having had a steamy night of lovemaking with her self-proclaimed BFF and the only unconditional love of her life.

And in the memoir she wrote following Nicole's murder, Resnick spared no intimate detail of their relationship.

Despite his closeness with the Juice, Marcus was always coming onto Nicole on the sly but they both knew they had to be careful. Biding his time until he could get Nicole into bed, Marcus asked Faye out to the Monkey Bar, a nightclub-like hot spot on Beverly Boulevard co-owned by Jack Nicholson and Alan Finkelstein that attracted the likes of Shannen Doherty, Mickey Rourke, Don Henley and Heidi Fleiss.

Kris advised her that Marcus Allen was 'the biggest womanizer in the world' and engaged to their friend Kathryn who 'turns a blind eye to his fooling around, but it hurts her when he does it publicly'.

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