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This is related to the weight of the growing uterus pressing on major blood vessels. A water-based lubricant may be used during intercourse if necessary. Also, discontinue intercourse and call your doctor immediately if you have heavy vaginal bleeding (light spotting is normal) or if your water breaks (nothing should enter the vagina after your water breaks).Talking to your partner about how you are feeling about sex and any concerns you have will help you stay comfortable.This building had previously been used for exteriors of Blair General Hospital in the "Dr. See more » The art seen in Virginia's child's comic book is of a modern style.

The wealth-OWOB association in women showed an inverted-U pattern at both years with a positive slope that turned into a negative one as wealth increased.

Among women, OWOB prevalence at the college/university education level was approximately 12.0 ± 2.4 (percentage points ± standard error) lower compared with the elementary education level.

Charles Alfred Kinsey, Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, dies. William Howell Masters, also fascinated with the science surrounding human sexuality, meets future research partner, Virginia Ellis Johnson, at Washington University in Missouri.

Exteriors of the Washington University Medical Center were filmed outside the Irving Thalberg Building at Sony Pictures (formerly MGM) in Culver City.

Remember that your baby is well protected in your uterus by the amniotic fluid that surrounds him or her.

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