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As computers get better and better, therapists are beginning to see their work outsourced to algorithms that can offer an unending ear and compassionate advice. It’s actually a chatbot that channels the late Carl Sagan. It’s worth simply playing with the thing to see what it’s like—but the little bot offers advice and suggestions based entirely on the corpus of Sagan’s long career as a science communicator.

Just in time for his birthday, you can now ask Sagan for advice about your breakup.

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He says that around five per cent of all interactions with his company's Robin chat bot and assistant are sexually motivated in some way, whether that's actually trying to get it to talk dirty or just people looking for something to do.

Around 30 per cent of chats aren't even about anything either, and seem to be just bored people, already up to date on their Netflix watch lists and the day's wanking chores, talking at their phone out of the sadness and emptiness of it all.

She argues that not only are sex robots "dehumanising and isolating", they are also inherently sexist."While we live in a world which still considers women as property, then it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to start creating property that looks like women and then encouraging people to have the same sort of relationships."Dr Richardson is concerned that there is a strange complacency when it comes to sex robots."Let me put this way: If we were to create a robot that looked like an 18th century slave, there would be horror."But we can look upon women as these over-sexualised images in pornography and in prostitution and it doesn't raise an eyebrow."And the reason why it doesn't raise an eyebrow is because people still think that is socially acceptable to view women as nothing more than a sexual object."Sex robots will be a topic of serious discussion next month at the Second International Congress of Love and Sex with Robots at the University of London.

Cybersecurity experts will debate the ethics of a future in which fully fledged walking and talking androids will take over menial tasks in the home, act as companions, and yield to our sexual fantasies.

Dr Kate Devlin, who will chair the congress, believes the arguments put forward by the Campaign Against Sex Robots group are narrow-minded."This sex work view is actually a very narrow perspective on the whole field, and also this emphasis that it's objectifying women." She said robots can have a use far beyond just offering physical pleasure."This could have amazingly good therapeutic benefits."We've seen things like virtual reality being used to treat issues such as social anxiety."Taking that a step further into a physical realm, sex robots could be a really useful thing."But Dr Richardson is concerned that sex robots will allow people to play out dark and disturbing fantasies that are immoral and illegal."You got to ask the question, why are they shaped like fully formed human females or children? Because in the mind of the user they're giving them the experience that they actually raping a child, that they're actually having sex with a woman."Dr Devlin is quick to point out that legislation has already been put in place to prevent people from owning child sex dolls.

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