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Photos by Francois Guillot / AFP The American iconoclast Rick Owens created a whole gallery of miters, crowns and veils for the "contemporary ceremonial" of his show, making alien burqa hats from sweatshirt sleeves.Pascal Millet went for glittery beanies, Faith Connection gaucho hats and borsalinos while Neith Nyers featured woolly elf and flowerpot numbers.


Miler cannot be pompous, a rare virtue, and his honesty is absolute.’ Spectator 'I WAS APPROACHING MY THIRTY-THIRD YEAR, THE AGE CHRIST CRUCIFIED.

A WHOLLY NEW LIFE LAY BEFORE ME, HAD I THE COURAGE TO RISK ALL' When Henry Miller left America for Paris in the 1930s to lead the life of a literary bohemian, he called this death of his former existence and his resurrection as a writer a 'rosy crucifixion'.

Varietates corporis cum varietatibus sexuum saepe consociantur; hi dimorphismi sexuales varios impetus possunt patefacere quos sexus ut regignant experiuntur.

Reproductio sexualis est ratio qua organismi progenies faciunt quas notas geneticas amborum parentium commiscent.

Reproductio sexualis proprias cellulas (gametas) miscet ut formantur progenies quae proprietates ab ambobus parentibus hereditate accipiunt.

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