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Although she is only 15, her body flexes and bends so much, that she can do things with legs that not every human can do with their arms.

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8: In yet another shocking incident, a 22-year old girl was harassed by a youth on a local train.

The incident took place on Friday night between Grant Road station and Charni Road railway station at around 11 pm when the victim was going Churchgate from Malad station. Mumbai police have formed four teams to nab the youth. Robbed Kalyan woman falls from train onto tracks; Run over) According to reports, the suspect boarded on the second class compartment for women when the victim was alone there. When the train was halted waiting for the green signal to go, the jumped off the train and ran away.

When she gave birth, she found out her husband was cheating on her.

That’s when they broke up and she changed her life completely to look as stunningly as she looks now.

The head of internal affairs unit who produced the report, Maria Luisa Borjas, was expelled from the department, and the rest of the cases, like most crimes in Honduras, were not investigated.

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