older men and younger women dating - Sophos server not updating

by  |  15-Jul-2016 02:17

Job done, it updates we can all go home with a smile on our faces.

sophos server not updating-28

Although now the icon on the workstation shows the 'normal' status (whereas other workstations with the same server error, show the shield with a red cross). It is like half of it is saying it is ok and the other half isn't!

How can I clear these errors and ensure everything is being updated correctly?

I manually installed the client on one workstation, and it then registered on the server as successfully updating.

However, at the next scheduled update it went back to 'updating failed because no update source has been specified'.

So, if you find that the Cache folder has an update in there (Usually 68Mb ) Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Sophos\Auto Update\cache\savxp and click Install Sophos Anti Virus, this will run you through a quick Win Installer and then update the program.

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