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While the majority of ACCNYC’s rescues are dogs and cats, lately it has found itself with an abundance of rabbits, whether from owner surrenders, abandonment, or sad cases of animal hoarders.

There have been rabbits at the Manhattan branch for over a decade, but there are so many bunnies right now that, in June, ACCNYC opened a second rabbit center at the Brooklyn branch, in East New York.

According to the House Rabbit Society, “Paired rabbits are much easier to care for, get into far less trouble, are happier, and tend to relate better to people.” The Animal Care Centers of NYC is a group of shelters that is catering to that, and they have branches in each borough: full-service centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and admissions centers in the Bronx and Queens.

The daters are paired by chance, and during a sensory course, women are blindfolded and fed by their new companion.

This morning, Singer-Songwriter & Staten Island native Ingrid Michaelson joined Jim Douglas in studio to fill in for Kim Berk, who is out on a vacation day.

Despite their burgeoning importance, the bus routes on Staten Island are hopelessly outdated.

Four buses still terminate at the Port Richmond Terminal, though ferry service there stopped in 1962.

Staten Island is often thought of as New York’s automobile borough, and indeed, it is in all ways more car-friendly and car-dependent than the subway-threaded core.

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