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by  |  03-Sep-2016 10:43

I have a three column table with just over 6 Billion rows in SQL Server 2008 R2.

We query it every day to create minute-by-minute system analysis charts for our customers.

Preventing Malicious or Accidental Access of Open Cursor Numbers An error, subprogram is called with a cursor number that does not denote an open cursor. This index is initialized to "indx" at declare c NUMBER; d NUMBER; n_tab DBMS_SQL.

When the error is raised, an alert is issued to the alert log and DBMS_SQL becomes inoperable for the life of the session.

In one table I'm updating 5 million records (seems to be updating about 744,000 records every 10 mins). The where predicates would prevent this from working correctly.

I'm running this on a dev server and will be trying to update 26 million records next. Given the nature of this update the version that @Kramb posted is a better answer.

Currently looking to see if there is a way to speed the process up by "multi-threading". Until the OP can clarify neither of them are quite right though.

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