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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), however, dives right into the detail: "Children may come into contact with demeaning, racist, sexist, violent, hateful or false information." The advice is dated October 24, 2016, so it can be safely assumed the reference to hateful and false information has nothing to do with President Donald Trump (or his administration's tampering of government websites).

It then skips over pornography, SPAM containing obscene material, and "file swapping programs with inappropriate and sometimes mislabeled content," before stating that "most worrisome, children may encounter actual predators that use the internet to identify and lure victims through chat rooms, instant messaging facilities, and social networking sites." So what can kids and parents do to surf the net safely?

Nekima su donijele ljubav života, nekome novog prijatelja, nekome razočaranje, a nekome "školu za budućnost".

Ovo su, prema broju korisnika i njihovim recenzijama, trenutno najbolje aplikacije za upoznavanje.

It includes "cyber bullying, pornography and the risk of radicalization" as major threats.

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