Tales from the trenches on line dating

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I had the usual assortment of first dates that went nowhere and others that were rather more successful. Fifteen years later, ten pounds heavier and with a teenage son to consider I seem to have become a candidate for The Undateables.The advice I’ve had from friends and family hasn’t been exactly inspiring either.

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And that’s all I remembered: crowded dance floor, fancy bathrooms, and that meltdown by the bar. In person, I was certain this guy was going to be great.

I was hoping I could keep up or, at the very least, learn a thing or two from him.

No amount of behavioral training or dating could have prepared me for this. When we got to the place, there were only 5 guys, and 1 other girl at the bar. I entertained the idea of giving a fake name – something I probably did a dozen times in college when out with my girlfriends – except we’ve already registered online, and the girl running the whole thing already has our names. Rachel and I sit down in one of the booths, waiting to see if any more people will stroll in.

We people-watch the bar, and notice that all the guys there (all 5 of them) have that Silicon Valley, techy look, complete with the (fill-in-the-blank) tech company embroidered polo shirts, and jeans. Anyway, he inherited the nickname, Stanford since he went to Stanford for grad school and always managed to mention Stanford at least a dozen times every time we talked.

It’s been a process of trial and error and it’s meant getting to grips with online dating. Men lie about their height and women about their weight/size/age.

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