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Means – not very unique), others – a couple of niche templates (but they are specially developed for various software purpose).So why would they choose custom design at the end of the day?

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The pages are overloaded with a lot of bright pictures which don't let you read the text. Not a very good implementation of the most important page of the software.

Don't think that such a web-site should have pictures of that kind. For this dating software review I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0. The list of the countries consists of Germany and United States, ONLY.

Some parts are being shipped in the main package, the others are being sold as separate modules.

Well, having a lot of features is a good advantage for PG Dating, but the most important thing is the work of those features. The web-site of PG Dating lists the following “solutions”: - Dating Pro - Dating Pro Niche - Dating Pro Casual - Dating Pro Matrimonial - Social Networking - Matrimonial On the same page they don't list the differences between those solutions, but if you take a look at the rest of the pages of the web-site, you'll see that the only difference between those solutions is the template only.

For example, in the UK there are always adverts for uniform dating websites.

Template pg dating pro

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