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Your Excellency, we have not only come on behalf of the Association Bernadette Strebel World Peace to acknowledge your personal effort in promoting peace and unity of all religions, we have also come to thank you and say on behalf of all men and women Ihre Exzellenz, wir sind nicht nur gekommen um Ihren persnlichen Einsatz fr den Frieden und fr die Einheit aller Religionen durch die Bernadette Strebel World Peace Association auszuzeichnen, wir sind auch gekommen, um Ihnen im Namen der Mnner und Frauen des Friedens to say in particular is that I thank you for the work you have done in codecision, where generally speaking you have made improvements sometimes we create some pretty extraordinary things in order to reach a consensus but the overall result is hugely positive, since this Parliament reflects the sensitivities mchte ich Ihnen auch noch danken fr Ihre Arbeit bei der Mitentscheidung, wo Sie allgemein gesagt Fortschritte gemacht haben manchmal schaffen wir einige ziemlich auergewhnliche Dinge, um zu einem Konsens zu gelangen -, aber insgesamt ist die Bilanz vorwiegend positiv, da dieses Parlament die Befindlichkeiten People have fallen into the clutches of Scientology and have, in their essence, been influenced to a great degree by the structures and elements of Scientology's treatment - in a special way you put up these dangers, which were the real Da Menschen, die in die Fnge von Scientology gekommen sind und durch die Strukturen und die Elemente der Behandlung von Scientology in ihrem Wesen in massiver Weise beeintrchtigt worden sind - diese Gefahren waren der eigentliche Hintergrund fr Ihr Wirken und Sie haben sich in einer I wish to say thank you to all of you who contributed to our projects in the past: with organizing events and seminars, writing or translation of texts for this brochure or website, doing the layout, producing flyer's, teachings, organizing or giving generous donations, translating praxis texts, keeping the website up, accounting and making reports, to manage address databases, mailing letters, and so forth - and last not least, our teachers who followed our invitation to instruct us and to share their experience.

Dank gilt all denen, die auf unterschiedlichste Weise an all den Projekten mit geholfen haben: bei der Organisation und Durchfhrung von Veranstaltungen.

When I first published Getting from College to Career in 2007, I said that a handwritten thank-you note was required after a formal interview.

But, when I updated the book in 2012, one of the changes I made was adding that email is now totally acceptable. Here’s one of the reasons email is OK: The world moves fast, and 24 hours is almost too long to wait to say thank you, let alone the several days it takes snail mail to arrive.

Showing your gratitude quickly shows eagerness, and hiring managers are making decisions lightning fast.

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