Sex web cam shots - The pro and cons of interracial dating

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You may neglect other responsibilities to focus on your relationship. Missing out on opportunities In a relationship people often sacrifice something to keep their significant other happy.

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Robyn Sackeyfio '00, a Mather House resident, says that people are much more tolerant of interracial dating at Harvard than at her high school in a predominantly white suburb of Detroit.

"People let you do whatever you want," Sackeyfio says, adding that no one here cares because no one at Harvard really dates anyway. Ajudua '00, a Kirkland House resident, says that students at Harvard act surprised by interracial dating.

"It's not as liberal as you think it is," Ajudua says.

Many students questioned about interracial dating say they focus on personality rather than race.

Several students who are, or have been, involved in relationships with people of another race say that Harvard has a tolerant environment compared to other places."I do feel Harvard is very tolerant of mixed-race dating," says A.

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