Updating a jpanel Free just chat arab sex

by  |  10-Apr-2017 07:21

Anyway, I am creating a (simple) Java drawing program and have as my top-level window a JFrame.Inside the JFrame is a JPanel, upon which the drawings (lines, circles, rectangles) will appear.

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If I resize my frame or move to edge and bring it back, the old image is cleared from my panel, leaving only the new image.

My JFile Choose calls "my Panel.repaint()" to refresh it every time I load another image.

However, the j Labels are not being updated on the GUI when the program is ran.

However, when I use the MOUSE to click on a section of the map I am able to update the map utilizing the mouse clicked and listener and I am then displaying the data from the array List.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you may have...

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