Updating land cover maps satellite images

by  |  30-Jan-2016 12:14

The satellite will have a panchromatic band (31cm), 8 MS (multi-spectral) bands (1.24m), 8 SWIR (short-wave infra red) bands (3.7m) and 12 CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosol, Vapor, Ice, Snow) bands (30m). government on high resolution satellite imagery have been lifted.

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A wide variety of imagery is available from satellites.

Both active and passive sensors, operating from the microwave to the ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum collect a large amount of information about the earth's surface every day.

Its aim is to present new possibilities of using remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) techniques to aid planning for, and management of, renewable natural resources in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

This issue is specifically intended for decision-makers concerned with land cover mapping and land management.

National inventories Minnesota inventories Regional and county inventories Contact and update information The following maps and data sets cover various regions of Minnesota.

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